Review of literature on employee retention

Patient Impact Johnson cites an example of a worst-case scenario due to conflict. It is also the only way to maximize the new "free agent" knowledge-workers who are in such demand these days.

When customer service and quality fails, competitive advantage can be compromised. Thus, the two variables job involvement and sense of competence will mutually reinforce each other.

Another reason is illness, where an employee or a close relative who needs caring is incapacitated.

The study also queried administrators about specific strategies used to address these shortages. Organizations attach measurably and psychologically, the employees through these rewards Becker, and considering these rewards as a satisfactory form of appreciation employees will stop thinking about opportunities from other organizations Foong-Ming, Various studies examined that employee compensation rewards and recognition affects employee turnover and retention Becker and Huselid Cho et al Guthrie Huselid Milman Milman and Ricci Shaw et al US Department of Labor Walsh and Taylor Youndt et al Employee commitment is promoted by highly competitive wage systems and it results in the attraction and retention of a superior work force Becker and Huselid Guthrie Shaw etal cited in Moncarz Zhao and Kay Hence the study represents that rewards have a positive effect on employee retention.

With the exponential rising costs of health care, hospitals are forced to do more with less. Relocation is another reason worth noting.

In addition to training Savage emphasizes on the essence of effective motivational factors as companies attempt to overcome harsh economic times. This is partly true since in most situations the employee quitting a job for unavoidable reason may choose to go on working in the same job if they want.

What every special educator must know: For understanding job satisfaction it is required to know some major discussions of the industrial psychology.

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Overall, knowledge of organizational culture has been linked to increased satisfaction and commitment, as well as decreased turnover. Among the major ideas is considering the future.

The extent of attractive alternative job opportunities is another major variable that need to be taken into consideration. A self-reliant group, Xers can for the most part do without job and pension security, but rely more on their own resources for their security.


In this case employees do not resign because of dissatisfaction or alternative options. An extrinsic reward in this context means money income, prestige, and power.

Progress through the teacher pipeline:. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 5, Issue 4, April 1 ISSN Effects of Pay and Work Environment on Employee.

literature review of retention and turnover 17 is receiving efficient care, leaders must ensure that they are taking the proper efforts to retain each employee that is employed in their organization.5/5(1). Abstract THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION AND HOSPITAL PATIENT EXPERIENCES Health care is an extraordinarily people-centric industry.

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Aside from the obvious fact that the patient consumes services to his or her physical body, nearly all treatments and procedures are. Literature review on labour turnover and retention strategies Method MINTRAC commissioned acirrt to undertake a literature review examining the causes of high labour turnover in a range of industries in Australia and overseas.

The review Employee turnover. Welcome to EBSA’s website.

We organized our content through usability testing and input from our key audiences, and created a user-friendly presentation to help you navigate the content. The objective of this literature review study is to analyze researches previous carried out in the field of em-ployee retention to identify determining factors that are commonly identified by various researchers as the basis Study on Determining Factors of Employee Retention.

Review of literature on employee retention
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